Supplement researchers buy youtube views for Youtube videos

Why would these researchers buy Youtube views? The answer is very simple. When you are searching around on Youtube you will see millions of videos for just about everything you type in. You will also see that the videos that show up with you type in keywords already have views. If you type anything you will see that every video already has at least some views.

What does all this mean? It means that videos with no views don’t show up! So researches and many other people pay for these Youtube views so they will show up for more and more searches on youtube. This is really important to recognize this. Youtube believes that if videos are already getting views then they must be worth while for them to show up in the search results their visitors make. So if you give your videos a good jump start they will be much more likely to get seen.

There are thousands of people that buy views, likes, comments, and subscribers to try to get an advantage over their competition. If you just sit around and wait for people to find you your videos will be left behind. We recommended a service called They have been in this business for years and are trustworthy.